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Photography – New Images


I have been a busy bee lovelies. The Khandie Khisses brand is not merely about my burlesque. Some of you may already have attended shows I have helped produce/curate but more and more I am working as a model and photographer.

Photography has been a huge part of my life as a child. I think it stems from the disappointment over the lack of photos of me as a child (a fire destroyed most and then odd family circumstances took 99% of the remaining). I have endeavoured to take photos at all times, probably too obsessive (my instagram is testament to this.) I collect old camera, shoot on film as it is my first love but now have been pushing my digital photography. I have silently been working on my degree and am happy to announced I achieved it!

I love my Nikon camera. He is a work horse!

I thought I would share some of my latest work…


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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