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Back to Paris

aaahhh Paris how I missed you. Once again your favourite burlesque bombshell high tailed it to the bright lights and home of the Can Can, Paris. Again yours truly was invited to perform at the Paris Burlesque Festival having been there the year before. Nothing proves you a good performer than being invited back to a show than that surely. I was most eager to get back and make another good impression.

One rather delightful trip via the first class carriage on the Eurostar (thank you for the upgrade) I arrived in the homeland of the showgirl…yes Vegas you are the baby child so dont go shouting about your showgirls. With a silly amount of time spent getting lost on the metro system I succumbed to the gallant carraige of the manic taxi driver. Peggy my host for the event was a delightful companion throughout the festival and gosh she is as cute as a button.

With the hotties of the festival.

Each show was awesome and bloody brilliant. Openly admit it was a damn honour to perform amongst this years performers. I was rather giddy like a complete dork to meet once again (and perform again) with the amazing Kitten DeVille. Those who know me well will complete understand my goofy grins about this as she is a huge inspiration to me alongside Dirty Martini and Perle Noir. Yes DORK!!!

I was able to hangout and reek havoc with my Parisian lovelies Anne Thropy and Juliette Dragon once again. With a tour about the history of the CanCan from Peggy I was home again in London long before I wanted to. Gutted but proud of my acts none the less.

See you next year!!



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