Dear Jamelia - Plus Size Debate

Open Letter to Jamelia (Her off Loose Women) – Plus Size Debate

Open Letter to Jamelia (Her off Loose Women) – Plus Size Debate

So its hit the headlines faster than muck sprayed onto a field. And I hate to be juvenile but I see the similarities. It stinks.

Dear Jamelia,

Many of the general public know you as the once music performer and Loose Women co-host. But you are also a mother and I am sure many things. No one set you to be an example to the nation but with your role on that there telly box you have become one. You are often pointed out to be less than ‘worldly’ by viewers of Loose Women but thats all part and parcel of social media allowing us to express our opinions.

Personally for me you are just another women earning her mortgage repayments and grafting to make her way in the world.

Sadly you stepped one too far for me.

You were quoted as saying

‘plus size clothes should only be available in specialist shops’ and ‘high street stores are helping to promote an unhealthy image if they sell trendy clothes in bigger sizes.’

Well done you. Not.

Because public shaming completely makes people lose weight. Public humiliation is something these people face EVERY SINGLE DAY because people like yourself it seems (I hope this was a silly error) think you can give opinions on such matters with little regard. Please show me your degree in psychology and your masters in medicine . No? So its just your opinion. An opinion you can have but you know what, when you open that mouth of yours and speak to a nation via the television you need to be checking yourself.

Shaming people to shop elsewhere to help encourage their health? Right so can we move McDonalds, Krispie Cremes and Nandos out of towns into ‘Fatty Zones’ so we arent tempted and we can mock those heading to the Chubster Avenue. Can we move all alcohol and smoking products to this part of town too. As they are bad for health. Can we separate society please.

Jamelia, you stated in a Daily Mail (ick) article you felt pressure to be skinny post babies. I agree, that stigma is there but seems you are adding to it now despite claiming you were against it.

You have since gone on to Good Morning Britain and apologised for offending but stood by your comments. Simply adding you meant extremes of under size 6 and over size 20 to be outsourced to other shops. Yes because separation is key. No it isnt.

Why stop with just what we (i clearly mean you) deem as unhealthy bodily, lets do mental health. Lets remove all music, imagery and magazines that promote this unhealthy image.

Oh wait…are those shelves stocked with your music? Your images? Your numerous tabloid stories? oh dear. People in glass houses…

If you want to promote health then encourage mental health in equal measure and let me tell you as a plus size woman I am not feeling your view point at all. You preach about pressure to be skinny in magazines, reaping the financial rewards, the accolades for being outspoken and then quick as you like you turn it around. That fame craving, that publicity hunting, that ignorance is not surprising. Just leaves me disappointed. A women who so bravely and strongly fought a violent past, a painful childhood and comes out with venom for others who dont fit her view. Being fat or skinny isnt just about food. Its about mind set. Its about lifestyle. Its about past present and future. Its not about you. Its not for you to decide.

I dont mind you expressing your view. I dont. I just pity that someone who overcame so much has little compassion, blinkered views and cant see how similar this segregation of people based on appearance is to a past we are not proud of.

I wish you well in this shit storm that those comments have caused. I hope you can ride the waves and come out with a career in the public eye that isnt sitting you next to Mrs Hopkins.


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