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Nudity In Its Barest Form

I am often called upon to model (ha) for various photographers and whilst mostly this is fairly tame though imaginative I am rarely called upon to model nude. Not pornographic nude, or even Front style glamour nude. I am talking arty farty bone-afide artistic nude.

Despite artists such as those during the Renaissance period favouring the more ‘fleshier’ of models it has long been the flavour of the modern day photographer to shoot slimmer more toned models. I have to admit who couldnt fall in the love with the likes of Madame Bink and her stunning work?! She is beautifully sculpted to say the least. (Love ya Binky-Boo).

When Lizzie Miller’s nude shoot (well I spotted her thong so not nude entirely) was published in Glamour magazine even the Guardian waded in on her plus size features, namely her tummy. Even Dove’s Real Beauty marketing campaign has come under fire. Lets also not forget the infamous Sophie Dahl nude shoot for YSL, prompting so many complaints it was removed in some places. Personally I loved it! The only places I tend to see plus size nudes have been on life drawing classes.

Lizzie and her tummy. <3

I cant help but wonder if the lack of plus size modern day nudes is down to no one wanting them or not providing them? In a world where we are judged on our bodies and more than on our minds (dont get me started on it) are people too wary to bear their ample flesh?

Never one to shy away from a challenge, when my agency contacting me saying world famous photographer wanted to shoot me for her latest project, how could I turn it down?! Well it was Julia Fullerton-Batten after all. The woman’s work is sensational. I wanted to see if I would feel awkward about exposing myself to the world as a nude plus size woman, namely a tattooed plus size slightly scarred female. Would I feel ashamed as I think the generic world wishes me to feel.

So me in all my plus size 16 wobbly bits, tattooed and big titted ended up being photographed in the buff in the most amazing house that time forgot. Despite initial thoughts of ‘holy cow I am about to get my chuff out in front of a team of strangers’,  I felt liberated in a way I have never felt on stage (albeit it a lot less nude on stage) laying there. I was seen as a person, a craft piece of life.

The whole experience made me come to the conclusion that being plus size has fuck all to do with not succeeding in life/art. By acknowledging it is a reason not to do something then you are reinforcing the idea that plus size is some sort of fault. By refusing to see it as so, you can push over obstacles, bang on doors and take to life thus showing that plus size should not be a factor or at least a disabling one. I wont make excuses for my body, I rather love it’s scars, marks and scratches. The map of my life is marked out on it just like everyone elses (thin or not). So why should I not see it the same way: crafted by life, love and situation to take me through the days I spend here.

Incidentally if you want to see the final image (due to its nude nature) it can be found here: be warned not suitable for under 18/21 years old (dependent on your country):


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