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Northampton Half Marathon – DONE

Northampton Half Marathon – DONE

Whoop! I am done! I am done done done! I have completed the Northampton Half Marathon. I did it. Just. And I do mean JUST. I am sat here the day after typing this. I am hunched over, my hips are screaming in agony, my body is exhausted and I desperately trying to stay wake. The night before the marathon I could not sleep. SO now I am paying for it by the bucket load.

I cant believe I did it. Had it not been for other runners on the route cheering me on, I would have come in at a more appalling time. As it happens I did it in not too shabby time considering I was doing my first half marathon.

I have however learnt that I really needed to do a lot less time in the gym and more time road running. Man, road running is so much tougher. It is however more appealing than endless treadmill trudging as the scenery changes and the sunshine is lovely.

Whilst there werent many crowds out on the roads, the runners really encouraged people to carry on. I met some amazing people. One lady who was out running in her lovely purple get up (sorry your name escaped me) really pushed me on. I loved her. Not to mention my running buddy Gavin. We met during mile 3 and stayed pretty much with each other the whole way round.

I cant wait to do next year…yeah I did say that.

I managed to raise above and beyond my target for Stroke Association with donations still rolling in! You can donate her: 

I had chosen this charity due to my own recent struggles with Strokes (TIAs in my case) but also because I know of one other burlesque performer who is dealing with a loved one following a stroke. I ran in her name. 🙂

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