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No You Are NOT Giving To Charity

No You Are NOT Giving To Charity

I realise how click baity that title is but I have a good reason. I am seeing an increase more and more in charity fund raising shows appealing for performers. Most are asking for the performer to work ultimately free so that more money is made for the charity. Or so you think.

Firstly let me add a little disclaimer here as some people arent always smart enough to realise this does not appeal automatically to ALL charity shows and that you need to do your own investigation.

Firstly really find out and get it in writing what is going to the charity. As in actual funds going. Is it the ticket sales? In their entirety or just a portion? Perhaps its cake bake sales only?

Here are some personal experiences I have had in my earlier years and basically was too gullible:

  1. Early years of me performing saw me driving to Telford to perform at a charity event close to my heart. I drive there, perform and then in the dressing room find out I am the ONLY person not getting some form of payment. Travel was paid for all other performers. SO effectively only I was donating to the charity. Livid.
  2. Arrive at a show to perform. Find out everyone is performing for free but only the sales from the cakes sold at the event are going to the charity. Sorry…not cool.
  3. Supposedly perform at a charity show but no proof of donation was made.

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You are well within your rights to ask to see proof of donation. Any business would not simply put the money in a box as they need to claim it on their tax return. If they dont submit a tax return (and they admit that) dont work for them. End of. Sorry but why work for someone who isnt paying right. We all have to.

Most donations see the donor given a letter of thanks etc. I get them for Stroke Association every time I donate, Shelter too. Its a standard. Ask to see it.

If they say ticket sales go to the charity actually pipe up and ask is that total or less expenses? Sorry but I think you should know exactly whats going to charity.

So many shows have had hints around them that perhaps its merely to get a free show. Sorry to let you know but I am aware personally of this. Its bad. I know. Rare too.

Are you really helping to donate to charity or are you being taken for a ride?

A real charity show will have no issue supplying details to appease you. They can show you documents, previous donations and just be pretty open. Work for charities you want to support. Dont feel pushed to do it. Also ask for a letter to put towards your own tax return so you can say you donated services worth X amount.



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