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New Images = Calendar

New Images = Calendar

For those of your who follow my facebook page you will know I have FINALLY given in and decided to do a calender. In the 8 or so years I have had my facebook page, I have been asked to do a calender.

Its been hard work to get enough images with photographer permission to print one (you got to get permission otherwise that is copyright infringement. Read up about it here) So now that I have my own photography studio, I am finally in a position to create a calender. Now it *should* all things considered be out from September/October time. Limited run if I can do it or a print as you buy job.

Now this is where I need you. What images do you want to see more of?




Artistic nude?

Give me some ideas and inspiration.

I have already released some images that will be included. BUT I dont want to do seasonal/holiday themed ones. So dont expect me dressed as an elf on the Decemeber one. Not my style.

khandie khisses burlesque pinup tattooed khandie khisses burlesque pinup tattooed

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