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New Burlesque Act – Glitter Mae

New Burlesque Act – Glitter Mae

Well its about time I debuted a new act. I am working on three right now for 2015. The first is Glitter Mae. This is a very classical act with a very Khandie ending. SO much glitter. So much glitter. Its inspired by my hero Mae West. If you dont know her story, you need to get on it and read up. The woman was a tour de force and some one I look up to.

The act is based on a series of costumes Mae had and already I am working on another node to her. Its more about her belief that curves are the best distance between two points (I am badly paraphrasing here) The dress is all about my size, my shape and my I DONT CARE attitude. This a good time burlesque act and I love it dearly. The amount of rhinestones on the costume alone is insane.

Enjoy some promo photos. Shot by me no less as part of my Khandie Photography business.

Glitter Mae

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