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Music Video for Terrorsaurs ‘Snake Belly’

Music Video for Terrorsaurs ‘Snake Belly’

Guess which little minx is the star of the new Terrorsaurs music video for their latest release ‘Snake belly’. Yeah…not that hard to guess is it. Me. I not only star in it, I devised it more or less with Ian (head Terrorsaur), edited and shot it. I am damn proud. It was meant to be reminiscent of the naughty Bettie Page films with Irvin Klaw and 60s B movies. I think we managed to achieve it.

I will be shooting more and more videos soon as I prep for my new showreel. Since my body has changed a little, my videos are looking so dated. Time to start recording new ones I think. Let me know if you love the videos and dont forget to subscribe to the channel. I will be doing much more on there now. Also be sure to follow me on Instagram as I am very active there and my facebook page.

Love you all xxx

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