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Mud Slide

This week saw me working for the loveable RedSarah at Nova Festival. If you have yet to see this one woman powerhouse of cabaret get your butts in gear. From drag kinging to balloon pops and fire play the woman is fab!

Anyway arriving at Nova Festival (after much confusion from some security as to where I was meant to go) I was confronted with the ulitmate mud slide. All the stages were at the bottom of one huge muddy slope…Fun going down it, not up it. The rain was relentless but tea and smiles from Gaz kept me laughing. Luckily I didnt need to camp as I had access to house nearby. Power showers were essential.

The whole festival is new so whilst there were a few technical hitches, i loved it. Everyone really embraced the mud and lots of laughter was heard.

First up for me was a burlesque workshop on the Saturday. Aided by the Louis Spencer-esque antics of the divine Rubyyy Jones (fecking hilarious woman) the class was a success! I taught over 15 women in wellies how to work it. British Heart then went on to teach a boylesque workshop….great viewing/perving. Gaz did so well!

The Sunday was the big show with all the team rocking the Fearless Theatre tent. The cast included RedSarah, Mia Merode, Mr Mistress, British Heart, Raven Six and myself. The lovely Rubyyy Jones compered and rocked a full frontal to get the crowd going. The place was electric.

I ended my performance with a full on mud slide/mud bath/crazy moment. It went down well as today I logged onto my facebook fan page to find this comment:

“One of the most shocking, disturbing and alluring performances I have ever seen. Loved it deeply, x”

as well as various ‘Epic’ comments. Power slides in mud are clearly the way forward.

Speak to you all soon.

Thank you Nova, RedSarah, all the other performers and all who made my mud finale possible! Hopefully see you there again!

Randomly meeting friends I havent seen in years in the mud!

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