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Mirror, Mirror….On The Wall


Some new images to show off! No copying as you know its wrong! Let me know what you think.

These were taken in a huge Edwardian style house with one hell of ballroom/conference room…the mantle was high up but with the help of a wonderful team the images are pretty lovely. Very impressed with them.

My main contact for the shoot was a wonderful lady I met at the Burlesque Record Attempt called Alexandra Laberge. She and her very cutesy assistant had a short, impromptu but welcome photoshoot with myself and Sophia after the attempt. It was there that she asked if I would like to come along to her photography club…seeing as she was such a lovely person how could I refuse?! So I didnt.

When shoot day came around I couldnt have been better taken care of. Alexandra popped off to get drinks et  and constantly made sure I was OK and complimented me.

The whole shoot was for a photography club in London so they invited me along to do some shoots for them plus some film work. I also recorded some inserts for the tutorial video the crew were fiming. So watch out for me in that goofing about like a dork.

The team consisted of  Pete (on video), Tom and Alexandra (who both run the photography club and organise the shoots and events) and Huy, the photographer for this session.  If you fancy contacting Alex you can do so at klex@btopenworld.com

Copyright Huy.

COpyright Huy. Outtake.

Copyright Huy

Copyright Huy.

Will post a few more as and when. x

On a slightly separate but related note… Alexandra is always interested in new models so if anyone would like portfoilo images or to participate in some workshops she is running throughout the year then simply email her.

EDIT: Just had an email from Alexandra…. She has been granted access to a beautiful location in SoHo that is ideal for boudoir/burlesque etc style shoots. Usually this location rents for stupid money but somehow Miss Alex has managed to sort it to a more manageable amount. So if you are interested contact her. Price depend on how many girls want to attend but jezz the location is WOW. All photographers are very talented, professional and experienced. Guaranteed fabulous images then!

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