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Milton Keynes Massive

Well who would have thought it!? I performed in my new ‘home town’ of Milton Keynes…yeah the land of concrete cows and roundabouts. Whilst I had moved here originally for a job I was doing, once that finished I have stayed and found it to be a great place if only for location. M1 that way and M25 over there and m40 that way sort of thing.

The idea of performing burlesque in Milton Keynes wasnt one I had really thought about. I do teach burlesque here but I didnt imagine there was much of a scene for it, given the amount of R&B nights and the calls of ‘weirdo’ I have received when I am out n about in my vintage get ups. But blow me down Milton Keynes, once again you proved me wrong. You are delightful to perform for.

I was invited to perform at The Dionysus Room in the Theatre District  this weekend and I had a blast. Despite a 12 gig run this week (yep 12 gigs in 7 days) I was excited to be doning my glitter and tassels to perform for this new show from the mind of Mama Jenufa. Starring alongside some new talent and some established performers I was eager to rock out with them all. There is something wonderful about home turf gigs and not just the quick traveling time.
Cant wait to perform more in Milton Keynes. I am fire breathing for a local band soon and then teaching a few burlesque classes…and off to perform for a swanky christmas do for a local firm so I think Milton Keynes is going to be an alright home town for now.

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