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Mermaid Massacre

For those who are loyal fans/nosey parkers (heehee) regarding all things Khandie then you will know about 2 yrs ago I started sketching ideas on my biggest feat as a performer my undewater mermaid act. Yes, actually underwater. Deep in the H2O floundering with the fishes. I started to more actively blog about it in 2010 though didnt reveal it until Feb 2011. Now two years down the line and four videos on youtube later it seems that another burlesque performer has decided to create an underwater mermaid act. At first I felt offended as I have publicly shown off my act since its conception and I found out about this act via the medium of social networking. Whilst I dont own the idea of mermaids I would like to think such an iconic act as underwater mermaid burlesque/art installation is pretty damn unique particularly as I am the only one known in the UK and recently told Europe (not sure on that). I know there are some in the states so I asked I think 8 girls in total. I was told to crack on as I am the only one in the UK.

Now alas I am not. I feel manners would have been to ask me or at least inform me? Am I wrong? Its such an iconic (i feel) act why would someone take it and do it exactly the same!?


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