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Mermaid Drawings

Darling its better down where its wetter…take it from me…


That sound utterly smutty.

At the Kapow convention (blog post here about it) I came cross a delightful lady called Sally Jane Thompson. She is creative little madam and so  I sat for a few portraits for her. Well today she emailed me work inspired by my mermaid routine. These prints will be available soon via Sally…

Please note that the images are copyrighted to Sally so any use without permission will result in a fee from Sally directly. I say this as some smart arse in Europe has taken one of my images to use on something he should not have… 🙂

The line art....remember its copyrighted!!


3 colour variations. Copyrighted!

Love <3

Rather coincidently I am getting my mermaid tattoo on Saturday…Hee hee. Another Lord Garth piece.

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