Mermaid Performer


Ever the performer wanting to push her boundaries and limits, when Khandie was approached to create an underwater art installation she took the idea and ran with it. Inspired by the great pre-raphaelite paintings of sirens and underwater sprites, it was not long before our beloved burlesque beauty was concocting an act. Calling on her trusty costume designer Lynn (of Vintage Lynndy Loo), the art came into fruition. A siren swimming gracefully in her underwater confinements enticing the world to join her. A real mermaid hire! This mermaid performer goes underwater so she stands out amongst the rest. Not to mention the added fire performance.

This act is proving most popular. Khandie has been flown to Ibiza to swim in pools for parties, hired to sit on rocks at celebrations and swim for diners as they eat.

Want a bespoke underwater routine? No dramas. An act or costume can be developed to your requirements.

For more info or booking please contact us directly or email

Thank you to our sponsors Scubaducks for use of their training pool. Highly recommended company.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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