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How Do I Manage It All?

So often people seem taken aback as to how much I manage to fit into my days. To be honest I dont even tell you the most of it. The key I found to self employment is to diversify yourself and your time. Not only do you remain motivated, you also keep yourself open to more opportunities and challenges.

Not simply content with being a burlesque performer, I also got into show producing for select clients, from there I started to be asked to provide performers for other projects. This then led to me being asked to see about arranging a photographer. After being stiffed a few times with silly wannabe image capture artists, I decided to do my own photography (after all I did have the old degree in it). From there I was both in front and behind the lens…then came acting and back to my stand up Comedy roots.

Needless to say, my diary management is second to none. I work hard, plan well and occasionally get time to reap the rewards. I don’t become disheartened if one project doesn’t come to fruition as I have many more I can draw on. Financially it makes sense to do so many different roles. I don’t rely on one source of income. I can also use all my social profiles to promote all the others. The circle of self promotion is complete.

Admittedly it is very easy to over stretch oneself and find burn out round the corner. I ensure there is at least one day (ok afternoon…) that I take off. It means I ensure I value my free time. No sitting on the sofa eating junk food, outside with the pup I go or dinner with my friends.

Work hard and plan well. The play hard comes naturally then.

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