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Khandie Khisses – Radio Show

Its official! Its really happening. I am going back to radio…this time with my own show. The wonderful Mike from Secklow Sounds has kindly offered me my own radio show. Scheduled to be on Tuesday nights at 9pm, it will be aimed at bringing diverse music from the festival, cabaret and local scene. Innovation and originality are key to ‘The Klub’ as I have aptly named it.

So…here is where you can come in.

Know a band? A musician? that you think fits the bill? Then wack me the MP3 with some info on them to my email at the station: to possibly feature on the show.

Also if you arent already a fan of mine on facebook, then at least be a fan of the show.

Link to the radio show is over yonder on the right handside of the website. Click on ma smirking face!


60s party time! 60s party time!

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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