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Khandie Khisses Photography Takes Off

My photography for so long has been on the most part, a secret love of mine. I was never brave enough to show off my work and namely because the thought of someone brutalising it would destroy what little confidence I have in my skills.

Of late I have however gained in confidence. I have devoured every issue of N Photo magazine and was utterly privileged to be included in one issue for my photography. Since then I have also received two top 5 ranking critiques from The Photography Academy. Not to mention the shoots rolling in.

Whilst I will never fully be comfortable with accepting compliments, I am proud of my work. I even style most of my shoots and I love the whole process of the shoot…yes even the clearing up.


clown pinup photography Clown

clown portrait shoot vintage styling Portrait clown shot

Headdress feathers male model Headdress time


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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