Khandie Khisses Inspired Artwork Competition Returns - Khandie Khisses - Burlesque, Fire Breather, Underwater Mermaid and more...

Khandie Khisses Inspired Artwork Competition Returns

OK so given as time got away from me I have decided to run the competition bi-annually so there is a spring/summer competition and an autumn/winter competition.

The last two winners were Dixie Doll (tattoo inspired by Khandie) and Niclas Swertzberg (sculpture inspired by Khandie).

So officially you have until midnight (GMT) on the 20th November to enter your artwork inspired by Khandie Khisses to be considered for the prize for the Autumn/Winter competion. Not only will you receive a trophy, a photo and my thanks, you will also receive some Khandie Khisses merchandise.

This competition is open to anyone so please feel free to email me your submissions to or post below links to them.

Your artwork MUST be your own and can take on any medium. From film to sculpture, paintings to pottery. I have had many submissions in the past of various styles. I will display my favourites in my blog and will announce the winner on the 21st November.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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