Jukebox Jury - Burlesque Show Birmingham

Jukebox Jury – Burlesque Show Birmingham

Well after much planning and a lot of number crunching I have decided to put on my dream burlesque show and I have selected the Roadhouse in Birmingham do it in.

The show premise was devised around so many people saying burlesque is everywhere and a lot the same (I dont agree with the latter part for sure) so I sat and did research.

During the 40s and 50s in particular, burlesque performers were the fillers between acts in a show and would often dance to whatever music the resident band would play. This meant the girls had to be switched on and very body aware. This just seemed to be the PERFECT concept for a show.

And so Jukebox Jury Burlesque Show was born. This appears to be the ONLY show of this kind running in the UK currently so its about time we had a fresh concept and push our starlets. I selected some MIGHTY fine challengers.

Jukebox Jury Burlesque Show Birmingham 10th April 2015 The Roadhouse

The band the girls are performing to is The Delray Rockets and they are a damn fine act all on their own so the burlesque girls are the icing on the cake.

The girls wont know which track they are performing to until the song starts. True BURLESQUE. Each girl has been carefully selected for her abilities so come along and believe me when I say I have got girls from the UK over.

Will they be innocent of crimes against burlesque or guilty of bad ass burlesque!?


It wasnt long until sponsors came onboard and I couldnt have asked for a more perfect ideal sponsor: Vivien of Holloway. The doyenne of pinup fashion!

VOH Sponsored Logo

A poster will be up soon but for now you can buy tickets from the Roadhouse: Tickets! It is £8 in advance or £10 on the door. I will say that even before I released the information people were putting their names down on a list to get tickets…so buy asap. Once we are sold out, thats it!

The event page on good old facebook is here.

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