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From Horses To Sheep

Here I am bathing in glorious sunshine down on the south coast just off from Bognor Regis enjoying a small break from what has been a pretty hectic week. Never one to sit and relax for too long, you probably wont be surprised to learn I am about to head out to perform a rather sweet fan dance on the beach. Nothing like sun on my usually pasty white skin to bring out my freckles so I end up looking like I should advertise peanut butter.

As I look down at my feet I notice the fabulous schedule I have had this week have really taken their toll on them. Whilst I will spare you an actual image of my poor feet, there are bruises, scraps and stray glitter to prove just what a busy bee I have been. Despite numerous showers I never quite seem to be able to do ‘de-glitter’ myself. Glitter really is the trail of choice for a burlesque darling I feel.

So Thursday saw me teaching my students in Aylesbury in my own studio. Hidden Heart whilst a studio teaching burlesque, is also branching out into promoting and event management. I have even been getting more ‘booker’ work so its all systems go there. The class was a bump and grind number so you can imagine the work my girls put in. SO very proud like an old mother hen. They even pulled off a troupe routine with expert ease! Sexy and sassy but each girl showing their own personality in the movement. Personality is so key in burlesque. No one wants to see cookie cutter burlesque. The same as everyone else is nothing of no one.

Friday and Saturday was Proud Camden performances.Proud is located in the old horse stables in Camden Market. Booked to do the late show meant I missed the delightful talents of Ophelia Bitz and Kiki Kaboom which was sad but we did get to gas together in the dressing room. Friday saw me performing with an absolute legend in my eyes: Marnie Scarlet! I love her and all her work so much I nearly exploded in a showgirl mess when I saw she was on the bill. Without being a twat or embarrassing the woman takes burlesque to a level I have not seen before. She emotes emotion and feeling with out resorting the typical burlesque moves such as titty jiggling. After her performances on Friday I was spell bound. *standing ovation from me*

Friday also saw a beautiful duo called The Orchids. Dublin based belly dancers, they enthralled me. Their movements were sensational and mesmerizing. Very impressed. Tassels off to to you ladies! Not one to often to see belly dancing I loved these girls, I would watch them all night. Movements that I could not fathom how they were made, costumes of detailed decandent delicacy and hot to boot!

A mad dash to the train station after meant I couldnt party afterwards. But on a personal note I debuted to a rather pleased audience my new act ‘Swing Out’. Inspired by art deco decadence and flapper makeup I have created a traditional bump n grind number ending in true KK fashion with a energised finale.

Not the best image....hey it was dark backstage.

My Gorilla Voodoo You Do act came out of the costume department too. The crowd seemed to really love it. Especially the tap dancing part in my brogues. The sexiest gorilla on the block I think…ha!

Saturday saw me performing at Proud with the beautiful poppet Aurora Starr and British Heart. Aurora looked STUNNING! Both her costumes were amazing but for me the bull horned one was stand out WOW! She looked fierce, tribal, strong and amazing. British Heart was his usual beautifully creative self. From his fun fur shrug to his mirror ball balls, the man is mad in the best of ways.

Big love to Amory and Max who were so helpful to me. Max and Marnie even helped avert disaster when my feather fans broke. Gotta love a performer who has a tool box with her…Marnie is the Swiss Army Knife of burlesque I swear.

Home I realised how much I missed performing in London. I seem to be performing in the capital only for corporate gigs so it is so blinking wonderful to be performing on the circuit again. If anything I miss the people! Corporate work often means you are the only burlesque artiste on the bill so it can be a lonely, regardless of how delightful the fee or location is.

Sunday was Tease Rooms in Croydon. Another first for me. Heading to the Black Sheep Bar I was greeted by a lovely Sharon (Turner – organiser) and some of my former students from my Burlesque Baby teachings. The show was awesome. Divine Miss Em had me in hysterics as she hosted, the phone throwing incident should go down in history. The Gorilla was out again but this time I performed my beloved Dark Before The Dawn act. I’d spent  few hours jazzing the bustle up by adding lights and rhinestones…bling bling bling.

Banter backstage was at full pelt at the show with many an eye being opened. Oh and I pee’d with a transformer watching me…ok he was spray painted on the wall but still it felt pervy. I know I am naughty.

Pouty McPouty. My beautiful Vintage Lynndy Loo corset and Adora Belle headdress (both custom made)

Did someone order a tap dancing gorilla?!

Got me a trophy from the staff at Black Sheep Bar...yep its a headless tribeswoman thingy. Tat for the tart!

But now here I am near Bognor having had an interview for a magazine and basking in the sun. So forgive me whilst I ponder my next move…meanwhile dont forget to keep up to date with all my razzle dazzle drivel on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. x

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