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Hidden Heart Academy

It is official I guess. By which I mean I have made it more official. Some of you may recall I set up my own studio space and started to teach from a more permanent base. I have been teaching for a rather long time so when I found a perfect little place to teach near to my home I decided to set up my own school of burlesque ‘Hidden Heart Academy’. Not only a burlesque school but also a place for the beginner to the more experienced and covering all aspects of performing. I am talking basic burlesque right through to marketing and branding.

At first it was just our Hidden Heart Academy facebook page (please ‘like’ us!), then I created the Twitter profile. Not content with that alone I then created a rather basic website for Hidden Heart Academy. But I also added a series of workshops to help the more experienced performer. Not to mention private lessons.

To be honest, I adore teaching as much as performing and seeing so many perhaps not as qualified (in my opinion) burlesque teachers cashing in I thought I would endeavour to level the playing field by offering lessons from someone who lives, breathes and works the burlesque scene; wanting to pass on the confidence and art.

It also seems I am having to branch in to talent booking as a number of enquiries have come in regarding booking of burlesque beauties. Exciting.

I do hope you all wish me well in my venture.


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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