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His Heavy Heart

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I am just over the flu I managed to get whilst filming His Heavy Heart. If you dont know what His Heavy Heart is, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!? Its only the latest installment from the master duo collaboration of Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore. Its the xthird in their series, starting with Act of Faith and Jimmy’s End.

Filming was a dream despite the long days and freezing sets. No amount of hot water bottles, blankets and heaters could warm me up…especially as I spent much of my time on set in a corset n pants. I was literally like the kid who forgot her PE kit at school so had to do it in her pants. I loved the whole experience. I mean it. I loved it. From the homemade soup, to the piggy backs from the lighting techs and the wonderful art department (Jasper your ginger teas saved me from snotty hell!). Crysta the Wardrobe Wonder kept me warm as possible and my spirits high.

The whole experience was marvellous. Mitch was a fantastic person to work with as were my fellow cast members: Andy Buckley, Darrell D’Silva and Steffen Peddie. Susie my wonderful makeup artist and her assistant Mel transformed me from craggy faced shattered hag to pinup crazy sidekick Beryl every morning like a wizard. I love you ladies.

Cant wait for the release.

Thank you all involved from Dave the Rave, Monkey, Porno, Jasper, Elliott, Theresa, Tom, Andrei, Colin, and every single one involved. So many….so many.


Be sure to check Mitch Jenkins’ blog for his photos and updates. 

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