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Good Deed? DPD Bad Delivery

Good Deed? DPD Bad Delivery

Forgive the NON burlesque nature of this post but I am annoyed. Coming home from the SWPP photographic Convention (I am a photographer as well dont forget) from Northampton Station and witnessed an idiot DPD driver do what I understand to be an illegal U turn by the lights at St James Road…WITH HIS VAN DOORS OPEN! Parcels fell out. Cars swerving out of the way to avoid them.

Crossing the road I grabbed the one parcel I could see and attempted to see if the driver had stopped further up realising his mistake. NOPE!

So I tweeted DPD as I couldnt see a contact number on the parcel that may have been theirs. There was the customer’s one and full address. I darent ring it.

DPD didnt reply so I tweeted the company who sent the parcel as it was on the front: Pretty Green. I have yet to hear from anyone.

BUT when I get home I check the DPD delivery tracking section and guess what:


Anyone care to explain how they can redeliver a parcel that they dont have!?

Now I am stuck, I cant  send back to DPD as there is no address, I cant deliver to the customer as its a work address and I cant send back to Pretty Green until Monday. I am sat here having done a good deed and some poor bloke who requested next day delivery of his swanky clothing from Pretty Green is being lied to.


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