Blah Fashion 3 - Khandie Khisses - Burlesque, Fire Breather, Underwater Mermaid and more...

Blah Fashion 3

Firstly….I got bored documenting my outfits for this blog entry so decided to recount my trip down the eclecticly fashionable Brick Lane.

After a truly hard week for a variety of reasons my wonderful friend Sara decided a trip to Brick Lane was in order. Who am I to say no? I love wondering about the crowded streets and nosing about the vintage shops. So off we trotted.

The original plan was to  head to a Mexican place but on finding it bizarrely closed we headed to down the main street…I kept stopping to stare and almost buy vintage cameras (one of my MANY weaknesses) but thankfully Sara dragged me off away into the crowds before I parted with too much money. Starved we headed to All Star….well I kinda wish we hadnt. The food and service was dreadful. I mean REALLY bad. Sara found ‘stuff’ in her food and was informed it was there because the staff were busy with a birthday party. BAH! Rubbish excuse.

The only good thing to come out of the ‘lunch’ (grim) was that we were sat next to an Icelandic mother and son couple. The mother and I got chatting. I seem to have a knack at making conversation with strangers. It turned out that the mother had made the son’s outfit. He looked amazing. More than a hint of Viv Westwood and a dash of Alexander McQueen. His kilt and skinny jeans combo with creeper shoes just worked in some bizarre medley of wonderful. I didnt get any images but they offered to send me some along with some other examples of her work. I love seeing teenagers expressing themselves more with their clothes than simply shoving on a beanie hat and plaid shirt *shudders*.

With the awful food threatening to repeat, Sara and I dashed out of All Stars swearing never to return unless it was for their alcoholic milkshakes or cocktails. Pootering about Brick Lane started to wear a little thin so we headed down on of the side streets. There is a shop I simply love aptly named ‘This Shop Rocks’. If you have yet to visit this shop you really should. Its at 131 Brick Lane. Its stocked full of carefully selected vintage clothes and accessories for the 20s-50s. And whats even better they are having a sale at the moment (not sure how long for). BIG trouble clearly because as soon as I stepped inside I was immediately drawn to a dainty 50s wedding dress. Before I knew it I had handed it to Robert to put aside for me whilst I went hunting more. Why oh why I bought it I have no idea.

The wedding dress. 1950s.

Its so pretty. A light ivory colour with slim fitting arms. There is a white leaf/flower design on the fabric. The silhouette it creates is stunning!!! Just needs a pretty petticoat to puff out the full circle skirt.I cant wait to wear it…for a photo shoot clearly. I don’t think I am the kind of girl who gets married. Perhaps I will dye it…red or green….Its a real dream.

Just when I was about to leave the shop a most beautiful hat caught my eye. A vision of sculpted purple felt I had my heart stolen. Not very surprising. But what did surprise me was that the hat was actually made in store by Robert Sanderson. I mean the delightful shop manager Robert had created this hat…and not just this one. He then started to show me more of his creations. Each one just as beautiful as the one previous. God my heart was stolen over and over again. Each hat lasts only a few days on the shop floor before someone purchases them. At a fairly reasonable price of approx £110 each I can see why people would swoon over these. Each hat he creates is a one off and he simply makes them how he feels. I couldnt help but notice the rather late 30s/early 40s influence in them. He kindly allowed me to take some photos of them to show you. If you are interested in buying them you can simply pop into the shop or email them at Sadly due their popularity it isnt worth him putting them on the internet. The one I feel in love was practically purchased as I took a photo of it.

Beautiful. I want!!!

Beautiful sculpture!

Adore this one too.

There were loads there. So many. I will have to go back and have a proper look. BUT HINT HINT ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN APRIL! hahahaha. Seriously these hats are stunning. Whats more I even got to see some of the ones Robert is making at the moment. You can catch a glimpse of them in the background of the photos. These hats look like they have just come off the set of some old Hollywood movie…I wish I did.

After some pratting about in Beyond Retro, Sara purchased a pretty green shirt dress and we bimbled over to Rough Trade. I love it there. So much music! Vinyl (swoon) and cds. Heaven. We even had a little photo session in the booth like the goons we are.

Goof balls in the photo booth in Rough Trade

BTW do you like my barrel roll fringe? Been a while since I sported one of them. I used the video of vintage darling Fleur De Guerre to recreate as its been too long.

Link to the video:

I rather like it. Add a bandanna and suddenly I wanna wear turn up jeans and Van sneakers. Which is just what I did. Rockabilly influenced comfort. Just right for a  trip pounding the streets.
I am sure my next Blah Fashion post will be about me…I need to share my vainity of course.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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