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Fire Performing – Dancing with the Flame

It has been a number of years since I performed fire dancing with fans poi or even wands. I gave it up after seeing a terrible accident. It was silly really. I knew the moment I handed my fire fans over to another performer for free I would regret it. Recently I bit the bullet and went back to school. The Fire School to be precise to have a much loved and inspiring lesson with my friend and head teacher (who would love after school detention with her?!) Red Sarah. I chose Red because she is so safety conscious and is always perfecting her own skills as well as being a performer I admire.


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After much practising I have been booked to be the regular ‘dancer’ at a private party which happens every month. Usually taking place in the woods on the grounds of the venue, I had to find a clearing (safety first) and this week I did my first ‘fire’ performance for the party. It was amazing! Whilst the call for skills was surpassed by the need to be more visual. Its been about creating an atmosphere so I merely danced and basic fire manipulation.


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Whilst I am not allowed to show video of the party performances as discretion is assured (well the invite says so). I did record a short improvised routine in a nearby location. Sadly the costuming was limited as I had to run off for another show so only had what was in my bag. not the best to be honest. Thank you once again to be lovely friends at Immortal Eye for recording the footage and the photos.



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