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Fire Frolics

I have spoken previously of my return to fire performance. After over 6 years away it was something I knew I needed to to approach professionals to get my skills up to scratch. First lesson was with the wonderful Red Sarah who helped me get back to grips with fire eating. Loved it. I have blogged previously about this. But just to reiterate GO GET A LESSON FROM HER NOW!

More recently I have taken the plunge to go back to fire breathing. For those not in the know, it is very dangerous. Ha…I mean being a dragon is fun but lets be honest, that stuff can hurt as well as kill if taught wrong.

So realising I couldnt just pick any random to help me learn the art of flame breathing, I went hunting for the best. No point paying for substandard. If you want to be regarded as a pro, you need to seek out pros to learn from.

Preacher Muad’dib is literally one of the most highly revered fire performers out there and not just because of his numerous world records. This man is called upon by just about everyone for fire safety help, advice, lessons and anything to do with flames. A lesson with this master of inferno was a must. So booking in was a done deal.

Preacher does not jump into the fire play straight away. First came the safety part (and he repeated it continuously so it sunk in) before any flame was ignited. I knew I made the right decision to have a sermon from the Preacher.

Preacher guides you through the lesson with ease and any fear I had of the flame was extinguished. (ha like what I did there?!).

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Needless to say…I am now back to fire breathing, eating and all sorts of flame frolicking thanks to the wonderful Red Sarah and Preacher. I urge all those who want to get into this line of entertainment to seek these two teachers out. You should learn from the best to get ahead and they dont come better than these two.


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