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Drum Roll…..

A total of 23 entries so it was hard going to choose which ones to win.

But anyway…

The winners of the competition are:

1st Prize: one pair of signed stockings, a signed print and a signed note to the winner.



I see a Goddess, maybe modest?
Long flowing hair, without a care,
Very curvy, not at all nervy,
Outspoken, not broken...
A pleasure to treasure.
By Moira Thurgood


2nd Prize: 2x signed prints.


Angie Lamb

3rd Prize: 1 x signed print.


I sit in the audience with bated breath, the lights are dim but I can see the desire in the crowd. Slowly through the darkness I catch the blonde locks of a starlet. Her glittered skin reflecting the beckoning limelight and I know its mere moments until our dark world is made bright again. Who is this divine creature, the Queen of Tease, this Aphrodite of the burlesque scene. She is you. Lights up.



WELL DONE TO ALL. Special thanks to all of you who entered. Could the winners kindly send me your addresses to forward the prizes on. Email me.

Already planning the next comp!

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