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Corsets UK – Review

Working with my costume designer it is very rare that I find myself buying ‘off the peg’ corsets. Not that I am a snob but I find them real hit and miss, be it poor boning or bad construction, particularly from online stores.

When Corsets-UK contacted me about being sent one of their corsets I had to obliged. This is a company I have heard a lot about and all of it positive. I needed to see if their reputation was substantiated. It didnt take long to choose which one I wanted to road test…ok it did. There is such a selection on their site, from corsets to eyelashes.

After some consideration I chose an underbust called ‘Bridal Cream’ at £72.  The website specs state:

What is very cool about the site is that there is an amazing offer of 3 for 2 on the corsets. Thats insane!? Team up with your mates to get yourself some fab corsets for great money.

First thing I noticed when the corset arrived is that it is not as ‘creamy’ as the picture shows and is instead a lot more paler almost white. Also the images show a ribbon fastening but it is not, it is the cord as stated in the description. Other than that it is as described.

Like with any new corset, bedding in takes time. This is when the corset fits to your shape better and this comes with wear. Due to the sturdy boning (and it really is), bedding in this corset has taken a lot of time. Please dont think this is a bad thing. Corsets need to be worn more than once particularly if you are going to perform in it like I intend to.

I love that the corset fastens with cord that is already pre-threaded. I dont find ribbon fastening to be very good at times and although aesthetically it can be more appealing, getting a good tug on it is hard.

Here is an image of me after wearing it for three hours. You can see how nicely it sits on my hips. The slightly longer line sits well and helps reduce any stomach bulge from the waist cinching.

I am wearing a 28 inch to be on the safe side but it was so comfortable I could have easily tight laced in a 26 inch.

I do like how there is suspender loops as well as a good quality lining which isnt something you always get in ‘off the peg’ corsets.

All in all I love this corset. Whilst I still love the fit of a custom fit corset as it guarantees a perfect fit, I can see this being the next best thing. Whilst it isnt a perfect fit it is DAMN close.  Its expensive enough to expect great quality but not too expensive that you wont want to customise it. For me, I think this is a great base corset in which to costumise for an act. The only downside is that I was expecting a creamier colour as per the site.

Definitely a good corset. I have now been wearing it for 5 hrs and still no awkwardness/uncomfortable feelings. Its rigid and holds me in place. Well done. Perhaps finally an off the peg corset that feels as fabulous as you hoped.

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