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Rockalily Love

Rockalily is a company you should all be aware of. Run by the exceptionally talented ReeRee, the company is the go to for all manners of things, not least for hair cuts and fashion inspiration. So when they posted this image with the following comment, you can imagine I was both shocked, humbled and quite
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Good Deed? DPD Bad Delivery

Forgive the NON burlesque nature of this post but I am annoyed. Coming home from the SWPP photographic Convention (I am a photographer as well dont forget) from Northampton Station and witnessed an idiot DPD driver do what I understand to be an illegal U turn by the lights at St James Road…WITH HIS VAN
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Top 20 UK Burlesque Performer – AGAIN

YEAH! I am officially back in for another year the list of Top UK Burlesque Performers! Twice now. 2013 and 2014. I am also in the TOP 50 Burlesque Performers in the World for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 also.

Jukebox Jury – Burlesque Show Birmingham

Well after much planning and a lot of number crunching I have decided to put on my dream burlesque show and I have selected the Roadhouse in Birmingham do it in. The show premise was devised around so many people saying burlesque is everywhere and a lot the same (I dont agree with the latter
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Private Booking.

Khandie is unavailable due to a private engagement.

Modelling, Notting Hill.

Private Function, London

Khandie is attending a Tie or Tasch formal function. She is unavailable for bookings.

Burlesque Record Attempt – 3rd Jan 2011

Read by blog post on the event here: http://khandiekhisses.com/blog/posts/world-record-attempt-attempted-2/ The event is taking place on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd January 2011, starting at 9:30am. http://www.virginholidays.co.uk/largest_burlesque_dance/ Burlesque attire is essential, we’re encouraging everyone to dress to impress so if you have a full burlesque outfit and props, please bring them.  For burlesque novices, please add a
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Private booking – Christmas Spirit

Khandie will be an art installation st a private party…oohh Khandie all arty!

In Bridgend, Wales – Modelling

I will be in Bridgend modelling. Should you wish to book me please contact me directly. I have access to a studio that is available to use at no extra cost to my fees.

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