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Not often I get to spout about being published for my other work. For many years I have been silently working on my photography. Admittedly I have lacked confidence in my abilities and was it not for the gentle guidance of my friends such as Nils Bratby, Baron Bratby, James Thorpe and John Henry I
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I Stood Alone

Tonight I stood on a stage and heard my name bellowed out from the dark. The audience already on their feet and clapping. Tonight I cried on stage. It may have only been a private gig, a small gig but I never felt more alone and more surrounded at the same time. I dont want
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His Heavy Heart

I am just over the flu I managed to get whilst filming His Heavy Heart. If you dont know what His Heavy Heart is, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!? Its only the latest installment from the master duo collaboration of Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore. Its the xthird in their series, starting with Act
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Khandie Khisses – 2013 In Review

Here I take time out to review 2013 for me as a person, performer and creative. Love Khandie xxx  


I work often as a photographer. Whilst 90% of my shoots are client paid, I very seldom get to work on images for my own portfolio. Add this to my extensive diary requirements and general lack of free time, I managed to squeeze in two shoots this weekend. BOY was I glad I did. With
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Fighting Talk

Here is the thing, I have been in this burlesque game for a number of years now. Whilst a lady shouldn’t divulge her age, I will say I have been on this path called life longer than some and believe me when I say I am a fighter. I am a brawler, a back yard
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Its been a year

This week makes a whole year passing since I changed my life for ever. A whole 365 (and a quarter for you buffs out there) days since I walked away from a horrible situation, made myself more or less homeless and locked myself away. Locked away wasnt something I did lightly but when I came
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Milton Keynes Massive

Well who would have thought it!? I performed in my new ‘home town’ of Milton Keynes…yeah the land of concrete cows and roundabouts. Whilst I had moved here originally for a job I was doing, once that finished I have stayed and found it to be a great place if only for location. M1 that
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Bristol Burlesque Festival

I am still on the come down from Thursday’s opening night of the Bristol Burlesque Festival. Never have a felt so more alive on stage. After an emotional week of losing such a close friend I will be the first to admit I worried I would be off my A game. I cried on the
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Am I Plus Size?!

  Yesterday I was told by another plus size model I was too slim to call myself plus size. ok… Then the same day I was informed by a modelling agency I was plus size so could model for them…wait…what?! So am I plus size or not? My measurements put me somewhere between a UK
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