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The backbone to any routine be that burlesque or not, isn’t actually sequins or costuming. It is your back bone. Well more specifically the movements you make with that skeleton of yours. The wrong step, a missed moment or a limp leg can sometimes stick out more than a Hannibal Lector in a vegan cafe
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World Premier: His Heavy Heart

Well what do ya know!? His Heavy Heart has it’s world premier at the FrightFest in August! Very excited. GO and see all the wonderful that is fabulous!

His Heavy Heart – Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins

Its finally here! Way back in Jan time I was filming ‘His Heavy Heart’. Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins are a dynamite team. Well now, the official trailer is here! Shown first on Read my own blog about the filming here: View it here yourself. Alan Moore, Mitch Jenkins, Andrew Buckley, Darrel D’Silva and
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Social Media – Who Is You?!

The world is nuts for social media. Even this site is optimized for social media. The buttons at the end of the article is for you to share on your own social profiles as you see fit. Why are they there? because not only do I want my hard work shared but also social media
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Contracts – You Know What You Want When

How many of us book those last minute gigs and the idea of sending a contract before hand just seems too much hassle? Or how many of us actually chase for the signed copy  (that can be electronically signed too)? Or how many of us actually use them? A contract is an agreement between yourself
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Moonlighting in the Limelight

For many years now, i have seen burlesque performers have to hide their burlesque careers away from their employers of their day jobs (‘vanilla’ life) as they worry about the impact it has on them. I used to be one of them. So many companies now are switching on to employees with secondary jobs, particularly
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Khandie Khisses Photography Takes Off

My photography for so long has been on the most part, a secret love of mine. I was never brave enough to show off my work and namely because the thought of someone brutalising it would destroy what little confidence I have in my skills. Of late I have however gained in confidence. I have
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Saying No in Burlesque…and life for that matter

I manage on the social media forums one group that is for PAID Burlesque Jobs. The key is PAID. Yet time and time again my cursor has to hit the ‘delete’ button next to posts who dont realise/care/give a f about the rules of posting on this group. Ultimately PAID. Seems so strange that unpaid
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New Merchandise

You asked. So for now whilst I plan some more products here are the latest Khandie Khisses merch. Dont forget you can also buy prints from me too…those will be posted soon. All the images on the products are for purchase as prints.

River Island – High Street Hell/Heaven

I never would shop in River Island. Peering though the bright fluorescent lit doorway, intended to only see masses of polyester garments for the slimmer of the girls. The weird cut of clothing that never seemed to increase in arm hole despite upping in dress size. The very generic hipster throw away fashion that my
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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