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Moonlighting in the Limelight

For many years now, i have seen burlesque performers have to hide their burlesque careers away from their employers of their day jobs (‘vanilla’ life) as they worry about the impact it has on them. I used to be one of them. So many companies now are switching on to employees with secondary jobs, particularly
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Saying No in Burlesque…and life for that matter

I manage on the social media forums one group that is for PAID Burlesque Jobs. The key is PAID. Yet time and time again my cursor has to hit the ‘delete’ button next to posts who dont realise/care/give a f about the rules of posting on this group. Ultimately PAID. Seems so strange that unpaid
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How Do I Manage It All?

So often people seem taken aback as to how much I manage to fit into my days. To be honest I dont even tell you the most of it. The key I found to self employment is to diversify yourself and your time. Not only do you remain motivated, you also keep yourself open to
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I Stood Alone

Tonight I stood on a stage and heard my name bellowed out from the dark. The audience already on their feet and clapping. Tonight I cried on stage. It may have only been a private gig, a small gig but I never felt more alone and more surrounded at the same time. I dont want
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I made a costume in 5 hours

I decided to make a costume. I made one. In 5 hours. I used only what I found in the house already. Enjoy this video if nothing else for my idiot voice and crap jokes. To be honest this is a video to dispel the ideas that you need to splurge lots of money to
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Stalking – Part 2

This information was gathered under my own research. I am not a trained legal body but have attempted to produce accurate information. This is an update to my previous blog post about stalking which you can read here: In my line of work it is rather easy to pick up the odd avid fan or dare I
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Burlesque/Bellydance Headdress – How-to

Costuming is rarely something you can scrimp on and still look wonderful, unless you are VERY clever. I have a gig coming up and wanted a new headdress. Whilst its easy to request someone else make it I thought I would see what I could come up with. I am lucky to be somewhat of
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Business of Burlesque

At request here is the new date for the Business of Burlesque. This workshop is presentation based so sit down and drink tea with me. The idea behind this is to offer advise on how to market yourself in burlesque, working with contracts and becoming more professional in behaviour no matter how inexperienced you are.
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Going Back To Go Forward

Sometimes it is so easy to become self absorbed and lost to the transient world, that we need to go back to see how to go forward. I strongly believe you cant go forward without knowing where you and what you do have been. No point repeating unless its a tribute and to re-educate otherwise its just tacky.
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Perceiving Burlesque – Thoughts, Problems and Logic

  Over the last few weeks I have come into contact with so many more people with opinions on burlesque than I have ever done. Whether this is due to the fact (and probably) I have been scheduled to the hilt with shows or the fact I actually spoke to people about it; my eyes
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