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Call To Arms – PicsForTroops!

My darling burlesque, cabaret and all you other talented lot,

This is a call to arms of sorts.

My boss whilst I was serving in the military is now out in the not so happy desert again. He is wanting to boost morale ย of him and his lovely team out there. He was an absolute diamond to me whilst we served together so I wondered if any of you lovely lot would kindly donate a promo image signed or otherwise for them to decorate the walls of their office in the desert?

This is open to men and women alike and from all sides of the creative world not just burlesque. I am thinking TV personalities, comedians, actors and so forth. If you know any, follow them on Twitter or such like PLEASE ask them to help. Hashtag #Picsfortroops.

If you are interested please comment below and I will email you the address to send it all to.

You simply need to mail me your image and I will buddle them up and forward them on. Lets help our boys n girls out with some good old fashioned morale boosting!

There is a facebook group now so please ask to join x

Please note no nude shots…no matter how tasteful. Sorry. Orders are orders. Damn it.


UPDATE: Our first parcel of photos have arrived in Afghanistan. The lads and lasses love them!!!

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