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What to buy a burlesque performer for Christmas?

What to buy a burlesque performer for Christmas?

Its officially Christmas time (bah humbug) but what do you buy that burlesque performer in your life for the big day? I mean its confusing enough to know what type of rhinestones are best. Gift buying is a fraught affair. So here are some tips, suggestions and perhaps a little of the box to help that startlet…

Every single burlesque darling I know is coverting a Catherine Dlish gown. http://boudoirbydlish.bigcartel.com/ They are big bucks but seriously pack one hell of a punch.

I am personally coveting this one…

Catherine Dlish, burlesque, gown. Catherine Dlish makes THE best gowns.

Perhaps some swanky hair flower crowns? Perfect for acts but also to wear daytime as we never leave the stage behind.

Pearls and Swine do some cracking ones that I love. But its her quirkier items I am in love with.

Love this quirky and entirely unique design! Woman is AMAZING

Another great designer is Demons & Diamonds. I actually own a few of her items.

Now being a burlesque performer is not all rhinestones and glamour. There is a lot behind the scenes that can help us too.

Some additional more business present ideas:

  1. An accountant to take care of our books.
  2. Hire a dance studio for us to rehearse in perhaps?
  3. A workshop with one of our favourite burlesque teachers?
  4. A promo photo shoot *cough* Khandie Photography *cough*
  5. Website hosting for our site. BANE OF MY LIFE!! I hate renewing it. Pricey.
  6. Cover our Equity membership.

Some performers even have a Wishlist like I do…admittedly it is for my family to get an idea of gifts for me (I have family all over the world and Amazon deliver regardless). Perhaps they have put something they want on theirs?

And if all else fails…get her socks…or backstage slippers. I kid not. WE LOVE them.


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