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Burlesque Workshop – Creed Art Centre, Milton Keynes

So as you asked…I am running another workshop in Milton Keynes. Date is 17th August 2013. 7
1.30pm -2.30pm is scheduled to be a beginners burlesque session (£15 per person). In this workshop we will cover simple striptease and confidence.
2.45pm – 4.30pm intermediate burlesque session. (£25 per person) covering audience manipulation, presence and polishing acts.
Location: Creed Art Centre. Interested then please contact me directly via the contacts page or  email me info@KhandieKhisses.com.

Space is very limited as I dont want to overfill the class and not be able to focus on each student. So…who wants in?

My testimonials speak for themselves, as does my sell out rate. I am not someone jumping on the band wagon of burlesque.

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