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Burlesque Knock Backs – Thick n Fast

Burlesque Knock Backs – Thick n Fast
BLAH to rejection.

Tis the season of rejection. Tis the time of ignored emails and lack of gigs. I am not going to fluff it up, even after all these years as a burlesque performer I get them rejection emails, unanswered replies and it does blow. Like royally blow. Sometimes it hits me in my usually cold dead heart. I sit there and wonder why not me. Why them. (yeah I get a little jealous and a dick it would seem…) Every single performer does not get booked for every gig they apply for. It would be impossible. It would be awesome but not feasible.

Burlesque despite being somewhat saturated would have you thinking there are plenty of shows to go around but there isnt. More performers than shows, more dancers than stage time and that means rejection for some.

Often the rejection email (or lack of) hits us harder than we imagine. We take is personally and to some degree that can be a good thing. We can take stock. We look at what we sent. Did it show all the information correctly? Did we have it snazzy with images to tease the promoter? Or did we simply do a lazy email. Did we send half the required information?

Rejection is not nice. Let be honest. It hurts at times. But be aware its not always and probably more than likely NOT to be because your acts are shite/crap/not good enough/not rhinestoned enough. You may not fit in the show, may have similar music or the costs not fit the budget. You really shouldnt always think that it is your acts that let you down. A show is as much as about budget as it is the performers.

We are so adapt at making rejection personal. Maybe its the passion we feel for our burlesque, we raise it like a child and want everyone to love it like we do… We feel we are specifically being rejected if it continually happens. I get that. I hear that. Well then if you really arent booking any gigs, have a hard look at your craft. Can you improve, can you sell it better, are my promo images the best, is that video the best?

Rejection happens. Fact.

Knock backs happen. It is officially part and parcel of performing. There simply isnt the space for all our performers all the time. There is however time somewhere for everyone at some point. Work on standing out. Ensure your CV is slick, that you have all the information requested is there and you understand what is expected.

Every single one of us performers have NOT been booked at least once. Whether its a show in our home town, or a show in Italy. It happens. If you know you applied right, then move on. Dwelling ruins you, work on your acts, perfect your email etiquette and actually just try again another time.

Your burlesque is your craft. Hone it, own it and love it.

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