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Burlesque Isnt Easy, Just Looks Easy

Burlesque Isnt Easy, Just Looks Easy

In a world where we seem to live so much of our lives out on social media, it is very easy to not see the hard work behind those images. I dont mean the preening and posing. I mean the actual hard work. There is grafting, bill paying, tears, sweat and self doubt that goes with those images, the careers, and the general backstage of being a burlesque performer.

Almost 10 years ago I started in burlesque. When I first started there wasnt the mass of social media about. Facebook started in 2004 and had only just started to become popular in the UK. It however wasnt being used quite the same way as it is today. Today it is so much easier. I used Twitter a lot more back in the day and managed (and still do) to get a lot of very lucrative gigs.

Nowadays fledgling burlesque darlings have oodles of resources to aid and help them on their journey but still it isnt easy even now. There is a lot of rehearsals and challenges for performers. With so many already having tread the boards, the drive to create original work is harder than ever. There is so much etiquette to adhere to and so many are quick to judge or pass critique on.

A quick look on anyone’s social media and I can honestly say you will think people live an amazing life. Those cliche posts of copious champagne glasses, glamorous parties and so much more really arent that rosey. People take posed photos to share immediately and later. The key is later. The impression they are busy. Dont forget that.

Aside from all the bullshit PR and marketing spin we put into our careers (its a necessary evil to some extent), there is more work than simply rhinestoning a corset. Before your toes step onto those beloved boards its the graft that goes in that should be impressing you.khandie_khisses

In 10 years I have attended dozens of seminars, listened and read numerous books and blogs, I have written and engaged with people and so much more. Nothing comes easy in burlesque. Hell even choosing our names becomes hard work. Lets not talk about the in-house politics. Cringe. I have lost count of the bruises, the cuts and damage. I have lost weeks in the rehearsal studio, in front of the camera for promo shoots, making costumes and even just sorting emails.

Never think people have it easy in burlesque. Sure there are those who appear to ‘have bought’ their way in, but let them. True talent stands the test of time. Money only means pretty PR bollocks and sparkly costumes. You got to have foundation to build on. Dont think buying ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ means you have something. Massive of likes doesnt even mean that. Its about people who respect and engage with you. Its about how you work as a professional. Its about you as a performer.

Burlesque isnt meant to be easy, its just your job to make it look effortless onstage. Off stage it is graft, sweat, tears and blood. Its money spent and earnt on investment. Its crying over rejection, its at times crippling self doubt, its happiness and its amazing. Dont fall for the bullshit. Nothing good is easy. But it’s good to make it look easy.

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