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Brutal Burlesque

Brutal Burlesque

1. Burlesque wont make you rich. Release a sex tape with a minor celebrity and it might get you a few hundred. Sadly the world is not dripping in gold and wanting to splash you with it.

2. You will ultimately put in more than you ever get out be that time or money.

3. Rhinestones are an expensive addiction.

4. People will be a twat at times and you have to smile at them despite knowing it. You are the professional and need to conduct yourself like one, even when all you want to do is wack their smug faces into their hot coffee. 🙂

5. Divas will exist and sadly karma will take its time to get them.

6. Unique is something we all strive to achieve but few will actual attain it. There is no shame in that as long as you are aware.

7. A corset and a basque are not the same thing.

8. If you cant walk in those shoes, you cant wear them on stage. Fact.

9. There is no excuse for being inconsiderate towards the crew. Performers are a dime a dozen, good tech teams are gold dust.

10. You will have an amazing time on stage. It is contagious and addictive. Fact.

11. Your first standing ovation will stay with you forever.

12. People will mistreat you, abuse your trust and undercut you. Wise up, get contracts in place and grow hard skin.

13. Dont worry about not being booked for a show every weekend. Statistically speaking there are more performers than shows… so we will all fall foul of it.

14. Dont neglect your other life. It keeps you sane, motivated and grounded.

15. Nuture yourself and relationships twice as much as you do your burlesque. It is that what keeps you going.

16. A lot of PR is utter tosh and merely there to hook the worm of corporate bookings. Dont fret. People will claim a lot. They wont have earnt a lot of it.


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