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Brutal Burlesque Part 2

Brutal Burlesque Part 2

Ok so Brutal Burlesque Part 1 was very popular and I was asked to do another segment. I called upon a few other performers to help me out with this so I didnt come off a right twat (ha)

so following on from the 16 points made previously

17. It really doesnt matter whether you are wearing Primark or Gucci onstage, it just cant look like it did when you whipped it off the hanger.Unless your character calls for it, you need to change it up. A few rhinestones aint gonna make it happen. Think about it. Use textures, tones and trims. It does not have to cost the earth. Use earrings, use necklaces etc.

18. You have a whole stage. SO USE IT. Dont stick to the middle. Its lazy.

19. Competitions are a bit of fun and  some mean very little in the wider community so dont fret if you dont win. But learn from it, see what worked, didnt work and refocus that into your craft.

20. A dressing room is a shared space. Keep your shit to yourself and tidy. No one wants to be trampling all over your crap any more than you want them to be.

21. You are not a mega star. You did not cure cancer. You did not invent time. So leave ya diva attitude at the door. No one wants to work with someone like you.

22. (a) Help a sister out. She has forgotten her tit tape, loan her yours but if its a repeat offender, tell them to bring their own… and then lend her some.

22. (b). If you are that girl who never brings her own stuff, sort it out. Its stupid. Its rude.

23. If you are told to be there by 7.30pm you be there BEFORE 7.30pm. Its polite. Its professional and its about being organised.

24. Take your well earned bow and be sure to thank the compere and crew. That show didnt happen without them. So you big them up.

25. Your costume is the same colour as the next performers? Who cares. Rock your style. Dont get worried about what other performers are doing. You need to focus and be ready. People are gonna be out there needing to be entertained and thats your ONE and ONLY task tonight.

26. Your audience work damn hard to be able to come to shows, so make sure you give them the best you have.

27. If you need a certain height chair, a certain table.. its a prop. BRING YOUR OWN. No stage manager needs to have a stroppy performer who needs a chair with arms because her act demands it, but there isnt one available.

28. Its perfectly natural to be scared or nervous before you go on stage. It means you give a crap. It means you realise you got an important job to do. Well done x

29. Dont fall for people’s social media lives. No burlesque performers is staying in 5* hotels every day of the week, drinking Cristal every hour and draped in thousands of cash. Its all PR and spin. Instead use it to learn about PR and what works/doesnt work.


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