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Boudoir A La Northampton

Today I was on set for a boudoir shoot with the lovely James Thorpe. Determined not to go to ‘pinup’ with this shoot and to get the images James wanted I was excited.

I have a fairly strong connection with Northampton. I have performed there many times for Vivid Soda, Be Barb Burlesque and a few corporate bookings. Not to mention my friends there and my work with Alan Moore/Melinda Gebbie take me back often enough.

James’ studio is with in a converted factory, which provides many an interesting back drop.

Whilst I dont have any images to show you just yet I thought you might admire some behind the scenes. We even had time to shoot a small video…granted the clip is to be used in a much bigger video but here is a sneaky peek. Thanks to the ever talented James for shooting this. Edited by me.

Slap ready! Trowel it on!!!

First outfit...naughty...

Slight change for outfit two. Love these stockings.

and now for the blindfold...

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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