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Bobbing Along…

Blinking heck. That was a marathon of a few days by anyone’s standards. I have worked out I have spent approximately 18 hours travelling in the last four days.

First was to Hastings…ahh the wonderful world of Hastings to perform at House of Sin. Domino Burlesk and Lady Severine had hired me to perform at their newest venture so I was rather eager to see the location as well as the girls. We have known each other a while now so it was destined to be a good old catch up involving tea, alcohol and laughter.  I wasnt diappointed.

But before I divulge the antics of the show…there was the small matter of the mermaid shoot with John Fox to contend with. Oh yes this crazy muppet of a performer thought ‘oh I am by the sea so lets get in it with the tail on and do a shoot’. Yeah…..well done that fruit cake! John was his ever delightful darling self despite my whines of how cold it was. Self inflicted springs to mind.

During the shoot we managed to acquire a small group though admittedly a few of those were drunken bums!

The cafe even had a mermaid in it! Ugly looking one with dodgy eyebrows.

Mermaid on the rocks anyone?

I even got in the water....COLD!!!!!

Links to behind the shoot videos: Meet John and Khandie Whinging!

After warming my cold arse up I went off to see Sev and hung out there in her beautiful gothic styled home. So so adorable!!! So are Sev and Ash.

Sev, Ash and I...yes I still have the mermaid hair in. I look very chavvy!

Before I knew it though it was time to head to the show. Can I say now that it was amazing!! I received a standing ovation for my acts plus flowers, balloons and champagne. I was well and truly shocked and humbled. I think I may have shed a tear in astonishment. I really wasnt expecting anything. So rather than go all mushy I will just post images…

Laura, Sev, me (dork Gromit face) and Domino! All backstage about to start the show.

My aftershow 'outfit'...latex and butterflies....hee hee

So happy to receive these gifts. Shocked!

2nd Act: Dark Before The Dawn. Waiting for the interval to be over.

My Dark Before The Dawn costume. Posing for Laura!

What a complete blast I had! Wonderful to share it with friends as well. Domino, Laura and Severine I hope to be back soon. I miss you already!!!

in my less glamorous clothes about to drive back to London. BOO!!!

The next day saw me carting my ass to Bristol to perform/compere at the Vegas Valentine Show. I was due to arrive at 3pm which I would have managed had the one way system to Bristol not tried to kill me. Bloody hell they sure know how to make life difficult for you. Add to that a severe lack of parking I barely made it on time to the venue.

On arrival I was greeted by Will Tudor (photographer) and his wife-to-be Laura (my wifey of Exeter). I know this saucy pair from my performances in Exeter for the fabulous Kinky and Quirky (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!) so before long we were goofing about. Having kissed the delightful and not to mention stunning Venus Noir, the event organiser and headliner of the night I went backstage to prep my bouffant and face for the show.

The bill had the wonderful Venus, Penny Bizarre, Tuesday Laveau and The Follie Dollies on it. PLUS my personal favourites Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove!! I was even groped delightfully and willingly by a certain band member who shall remain nameless *cough Russell Brand look-a-like cough*.  The band had along their own dancer: Miss Betty Blue Eyes. She was ADORABLE! All red hair and pouty lips! Top class lady too.

Add Supertat Bingo and the show was a winner. Another fine show and I loved it!

I had never seen the Follie Dollies or Tuesday perform so it was nice. Tuesday performed a lovely New Orleans Bump n Grind number that made me bump n grind along with her!  The Follies Dollies did two lovely well choreographed routines that displayed the trained dancers that they are. So nice to see a troupe so well put together. One of only a handful I can think of. Well done ladies!

I met some rather dishy people after the show before I reluctantly had to dash off back to London. I managed to get two bookings out of that show so I must have done something right.

Will and I before the show...goons!

aaahhh...Introducing Miss Bizarre! Copyright Will Tudor

Some of you may recall a front cover I graced back in February 2010 for Alan Moore‘s Dodgem Logic…well the photographer behind the shoot was the immensely talented and rather dishy Mitch Jenkins. So Monday saw me again working with his team on a new project in a sort of collaboration between Mitch and Melinda Gebbie. I frigging love Mel. She is a wonderful woman who really gets me. We have banter like you wouldnt believe so add Mitch and Paul Chessell to the mix and the whole shoot was going to immense. Also on the shoot was my friends Boy Kitten, Roze Thorn, Darkteaser and John Marraffa (DTs boyfriend) we all had a great time. Mitch was shooting specifically for his new venture and Mel was working alongside that. I wont divulge exactly what as its not my place but needless to say I am excited.

My wonderful as ever costume designer Vintage Lynndy Loo came to the shoot to bring me her latest creation. Can I just say now how bloody impressive this costume was. Full leather corset, neck corset and suspender. Leather and buckles galore. Mitch and the team seemed impressed. With another shoot with Mitch in the pipeline possibly I cant wait to see what happens.

Corset by Vintage Lynndy Loo!

Lounging about on the shoot watching the masters at work.

The whole outfit a one off custom creation from Vintage Lynndy Loo.

Dutifully waiting for Mitch to bark the orders ;p

I will refrain from posting too many images from this shoot as lets just say some of the outfits left VERY little to the imagination thanks to Mitch! hahaha! I loved it! Love you Mitch, Paul and the gang. Never been so well looked after by a team than I do when working with his gang. Muchos love!

Then once the shoot was done I had to shoot up the road to Telford for another shoot before TATTOOING!

So a quick photoshoot for a project I cant yet talk about I was in the seat at Tattoodles being once again poked with a needle by the one and only Lord Garth Cole-Jones. Some of you know that my entire sleeve is being created via a colloboration between Garth and I using the work of Angelique Houtkamp as a strong influence. After approx 4/5 hrs I am now the proud owner of two more lovely ladies on my arm! Next tattoo is my mermaid! Garth was already drafting that when I arrived!

Garth the goon tattoos me! What a spanner he is at times!

Meet Lola my dancer lady!

Meet Imogen! Naughty fan dancer!

With a tired body I headed home to bed early. Shattered but happy. With lots of sleep the next day I was right as rain. So why is that that day after that I am bunged up with flu? Surely its supposed to get you when you are tired/run down? Well hello?! I was full of energy when I got this! NO FAIR!

Regardless of that…I am now home wrapped up, snotty and pink nosed….

Untill next blog post.



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