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So someone over on ye olde Facebook asked me write about my clothing, hair and make up etc. For a brief moment I thought it was some sort of joke considering most mornings I literally throw on the first thing I come across and barge out the door. I have become a dab hand at applying eyeliner whilst buying a parking ticket…ok that was once and involve three eye pokes.

With the likes of fabulous blogs such as Diary of a Vintage Girl and Alternatively Lovely providing a far more informed insight into fashion, makeup and life in general I couldn’t see what I could bring to the table…then a wonderful friend called Paul told me to ‘man up’ and ‘blabber about my stuff’. So here I am. I cant say it will be a particularly regular occurrence as that seems somewhat optimistic of my abilities to create some pretty creations out of my wardrobe regardless of how bulging it may be.

So to ease myself into it slowly I thought I would show you a few of my favourite work friendly outfits I have sported of late. Now when I say work friendly please bear in mind that showing my tattoos is frowned upon and so I usually have to throw a cardigan over. But other than that most things I can get away with. Sadly flaunting about in my nipple tassels isn’t one of those things. With the aid of the wonderful bathroom mirror and my phone I have captured many of my outfits which have been narcissistically tweeted about by me on a regular occurrence.

Right first outfit:

Outfit 1

This outfit is rather inspired by Marlene Dietrich according to Paul. Personally it was too cold to wear my dress so I threw on my high waisted tuxedo trousers and white shirt. Add a tie and some braces and beret before finishing with a faux fur stole and hey presto weather and work friendly chic. I just wish I had managed to maintain my Marilyn Monroe curls better. Damn that damp air.

The somewhat masculine look is kept slightly feminine by playing up to my large bust and small waist. The red belt draws attention to my smallest part whilst the v neck of the tweed jacket accentuates the bust line. Oh I sound all Gok Wan. Well I would do if I was a bloke and had women in their underwear posing in a line in accordance to the size of their left foot.

I do like this look I will admit. May try it with some victory rolls or a Bettie barrel fringe.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2

Inspired once again by old film stars (late 20s/30s??) my plum crepe dress (a find in a vintage store) with matching cloche hat (only bloody Marks and Spencers!) certainly has an element of the dramatic. My trademark Marilyn curls even managed to stay in despite the damp air. Gosh don’t you hate winter for the havoc it plays on your hair!? I teamed with black opaque nights as I had several bruises on my shin from rehearsals a few nights ago. I bruise rather easily.  The cardigan is multifunctional as it not only hides my tattoos (boo), keeps me warm in my cold office but also helps to break up the colour. I found this cardigan on Ebay and its an original 50s number. A rather beautiful bone colour. Whilst not in keeping with the 30s look of the outfit it somehow works.

The dress is one of my favourites as it so pretty. I love the little puff sleeves and neckline details. The neckline is high enough not to appear OTT for work but low enough to resist being frumpy. My fall back dress for days when I feel pants or cant be bothered to iron something. Just being honest.

Variation Outfit 2

Variation Outfit 2

Taking the same dress but this time adding a hair flower from Miss Sweets Boutique I have changed what would appear to be a 1930s outfit to a more 1950s pinup one. When in doubt add a flower and 9 times out of 10 mine are from Miss Sweets. The makeup is lighter on the eyes also but as ever the eyeliner is still prominent. The hair is big bouncy curls which I love and thus am rarely seen without. As you can see in this photo without my cardigan, the dress nips in just under the bust line to provide a more streamline silhouette thus slimming me down but keeping me curvy.

Anyway thats the first two (almost three) outfits done. I am sure I will post more as and when the mood takes me. Until then….get shopping and if you cant find something pretty save. With this bloody VAT increase we need the pennies in our pockets. Rummage on Ebay, in charity shops and your nana’s wardrobes. Happy playing dress up.


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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