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Blah Fashion 2

Well what can I say? Despite my initial reservations of posting about my supposed fashion sense being far too narcissistic and self indulgent it would appear that it was well received. Again the universe surprises me and again i pander to its demands. So here is the next installment of my wardrobe adventures in the non-Narnia sense. Mind you my wardrobe is so big I could probably find Narnia and Atlantis in there…nestled amongst a backdrop of Never Never Land.

So back to the more real world. If I can honestly say my world is real. I dont see any pink rabbits carrying brief cases (i will divulge the full details of that story one night over a beer or 6 ). But I do seem to spend a lot of my time surrounded by feathers, rhinestones, glittery women and dinner jacket clad men.

Ok so back to my work friendly wear…I promise to take some more out of work wear…oh wait that could mean in my lingerie which in all honesty I may have to drop to those levels when i get bored of putting clothes on. If anything it will provide good material for men/boys still transfixed by boobs and remind me to get my butt to the gym…unless there is a bar there I am not going! Hey Virgin Gyms I will go when there is the chance to have a martini whilst on that treadmill. Now there is a photo shoot idea…


Outfit 1

Outfit 1

Ahh the trusty beloved black n white brogues. Actually these are my third variation of the same style. I purchased them in a low heel, a mid heel and a high heel. Indulgent I am aware but a good plan as sometimes an outfit screams for a different heel. Mind you traipsing about London in my higher heeled version one too many times means when it comes to work I am usually sporting this heel size.

The outfit is based on a gangster moll…ok more head waitress at the local diner but I love it. From the satin pencil skirt with its high waist and the fitted shirt helping to show off my curves I adore every inch of it. I went with the fitted shirt as alot of shirts can just hang off the bust and make you look larger than necessary if not fitted. If you lack a fitted shirt then a simple waist clincher belt will do the trick. I often add one to my dresses as my much smaller waist isnt always accounted for in high street clothes. The cravat/tie thing was a last minute addition and I wish I had thought to add my cameo brooch on to make it more of statement that the simple monochrome effect it has. The braces are the making of this outfit. I adore them. I love love love them. The beret in red is a mild attempt to break up the over all colour (of lack of) palate of the outfit. Oooh even my hair is monochrome. Likey! And yes those are seamed stockings from What Katie Did.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2

Haha can you tell from my rather glum face this was taken on a less than wonderful day? God even my footwear tells you that. Yes I know they are leopard print but jezz…where is the heel?! I like to walk tall at work even if I dont feel it. This dress is from my lovely friend’s shop Nikita Sablier from the Bettie Page Clothing collection. One of my first purchases from her shop and sadly for my bank manager not my last.  So the dress comes with the white belt which is lovely and obviously adds to the nautical theme. Sometimes i like the break it up and leave life on the end, throw caution to the wind and add a red belt…oohhh dangerous. So the dress is fitted which again as with most of my outfits makes the curves mother nature bestowed upon me work. The white shirt underneath is for work…no tattoos on show. BAH!!!! The opaques were a lazy option after laddering about four stockings that morning in a mad dash to get ready. Epic fail on the glamour.

Now the hair is something new…I was attempting a slight bouffant as my barnet had grown somewhat. To be honest the curls are great but like swingers I need variety in my life. I simply added one of Miss Amber Sweets hair flowers and hey presto instant hairdo. Yummy. My glasses are worn on occasions and not always to impress boys. I do actually need them when I have been working on the computer too long…like now. 

Instead of offering another outift as I want to saviour one in particular until a later date…I am offering an accessory…my knuckle duster of bling bling!

Bling Bling Ring of Knuckle Duster Proportions

Behold the ring of Khandie…no thats rude…anyway….

This is ring is one of those two finger ones…a large art deco design with some nice blingy business on it. If and I mean IF you ever punched someone with it, you’d leave a nice imprint. Hahaha. Oh like my manicure? Very retro but then it would have to be. I love my black nail varnish..its from Mac I think.

Well thats enough waffle on not much. So happy ogglingmy clothing choices. Enjoy. I am off to lounge in a velour tracksuit and a pair of knock off Uggs…

HAHAHAHA AS IF!!!!! Naked time it is.



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