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Birthday Celebrations

So I am officially another year old. 21 years old before you ask…haha thats what I have been telling myself for the last few years at least.

I have to say my wifey Sara arranged an awesome party for me with oodles of chums of mine to show up. I got very drunk…and it was awesome. I loved it!! I really really loved and never felt so special. THANK YOU SARA AND THANK YOU ALL WHO CAME!!!

See....antics! They were all drunk. I wasnt. Honest....hahahaha Liar liar pants on fire!


I had lots of presents which I honestly wasnt expecting.

The word spoilt applies to me this birthday. Especially by Big S.

Today is my actual birthday and surprise surprise I am working…ok only slightly. A quick blog post.

I got my birthday tattoo today…its a mermaid and an orchid. The mermaid isnt finished but after we had done Garth (my tattooist) requested I tattoo my autograph on him…

me tattooing Garth. he is a muppet. The tattoo was awful! But he loved it. hahaha

And now I am off out to dinner with some old friends of mine. I sense tapas and sangria are on the menu…a hangover in the morning perhaps?

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