BANG BANG! - Khandie Khisses - Burlesque, Fire Breather, Underwater Mermaid and more...


I work often as a photographer. Whilst 90% of my shoots are client paid, I very seldom get to work on images for my own portfolio. Add this to my extensive diary requirements and general lack of free time, I managed to squeeze in two shoots this weekend. BOY was I glad I did. With my beloved assistant Nils Bratby we achieved amazing image after amazing image…even if I do say so myself.

First up was Danny Quinn. I have known Danny a while and as he is going through a change in life I thought I would work on a portrait session with him. Such captivating eyes and cheeky outlook. What is not to love!?

Next up is fellow burlesque and fire performer Te Te Bang, fresh from her recent appearance in a Lily Allen video shoot. What can I say about Te Te? I mean besides HOLY FRIGGIN WOW. A girl after my own heart, takes no prisoners, creative, infectious laugh and a wonderful ball of awesome. Every image was magic. SO hard to choose just a handful to edit.

I think I found my muse.

Cant wait until I get to shoot her again.


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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