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Ask Khandie Khisses

Ask Khandie Khisses

As you can imagine I get asked alot of questions about my past, thoughts, life etc.  So I put it out into the ether recently that I would answer some of the questions I am asked. Be that via my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter. So here are just some of those I can/felt appropriate to answer…Here is the ‘Ask Khandie Khisses’ post I promised.

  1. How old are you? Old enough to know better but young enough to not listen.
  2. Favourite colour? Red or purple.
  3. Will you marry me? Dude I was totally just gonna ask you. Sadly i feel you are too good for me and so we would only split up.The heartbreak would be too intense so lets just long for one another from afar.
  4. How tall are you? approx 172cm. 9ft in heels 😉
  5. Favourite sandwich? One I havent made…or cheese and tomato pickle. Or BLT!
  6. Where do you get your corsets. Most of them are custom made for me. I have a very hourglass shape so I tend to find it impossible to buy off the hanger.
  7. Whats your gym sessions usually consist of? Me sweating out my arse. Cardio and weightlifting recently. Squats happen too….
  8. Who or what inspired you to be a burlesque performer? I sort of fell into burlesque via the stand up comedy scene. I was in the military (on my way out to be accurate) and so was cautious not to do burlesque until I left. Inspiration is the world about me and the likes of Mae West and Kitten Deville and Dirty Martini. Sassy ladies doing it their way.
  9. Favourite crisps? CHEESE AND ONION!!! nom!
  10. Trump or Clinton? *Shudders*
  11. In or Out? Shake it all about?
  12. Favourite country? All of them. There are no ‘bad’ countries. Sometimes bad governments, bad situations but every country has beauty.
  13. Takeaway of choice? Not a huge fan of the usual takeaways. I recently tried a doner kebab. GRIM!!! I blame Dr Watson who took me to get one. Vile. I do like sushi and at a push a good old fish n chips with curry sauce.
  14. Cocktail of choice? Martini. Dirty. Naturally. Lots of them…to test the consistency of them of course.
  15. Worst fan moment? Not the worst as such but was frightened when someone grabbed me from behind as I loaded my car to leave to get a photo. No warning etc. I nearly punched them out.
  16. Oddest fan gift? Someone once painted my name on the side of a toy car….not sure why. Liked it none the less.
  17. Anyone tattooed with you? I am aware of 4 people with me or my autograph tattooed on them….
  18. Weirdest tribute to you? Not sure about tribute but my name was used in a band song once…..oh and I know one band boy penned a song about me. Not sure if he released it though.
  19. Celebrity fans? Not a clue…..honest 😉
  20. Ideal date? My birthday? hahaha on you mean date date! Puddle jumping in the rain with a coffee after and watching Celtic country music. HAHAHA


LOVE Khandie xxx


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