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Ok so I have arrived in OZ by way of Bangkok. Easy peesy. Was a pretty uneventful flight over bar some pretty shitty turbulence as we departed Bangkok and the lady caught giving oral to another passenger. I kid not. The air steward asked her to stop until they had left the plane…I sat sniggering for a while after. Such good manners. No one joined the mile high club that night. Well not that we realised.

The flight over was restful in all respects as I had a whole row to myself so was able to lay out fully and snore my head off. Bliss. Plus being gluten free can sometimes throw up some interesting food choices on planes but this time for me…and dare I say it…they were actually quite yum.

I did cry leaving Big S at the airport because he seems genuinely concerned I may get eaten by a kangaroo or not come back. Not a huge amount of teats but enough to slightly smudge my make up. Nothing an overdose on MAC cosmetics didnt fix though. Yes I know I am shallow. Chopster was equally as wobbly lipped but he said it was because he wanted to sneeze. HA! My mates are silly.

Determined to not let the jet lag get the better of me I went shopping with my friend Tanya and her mate Anita. I was bombarded with Ugg boots. LOTS OF THE BLIGHTERS! God i hate them. Here the weather is cooler but for the locals; compared to their summers, its freezing. I was ok bimbling about in not much whilst Tanya and Anita were wrapped up. The sun was still intense and lovely. Good to see that Syndey hasnt changed at all since my last visit a little over a year ago.

Despite jetlag rapidly creeping up on me I headed to a local pub here with the girls to drink eat and mess about. It was pub quiz night which we took part in with visions of failing miserably. I cheekily named our team ‘Norfolk and Chance’ (say it out loud. Naughty naughty). We didnt come last which is impressive so happy. After overdosing on red meat (nom nom) we headed home and I promptly crashed into bed.

Up at 6am though this morning will mean I will be shattered by the time I get to the hotel tonight. 🙁

Tonight is the first show for the Australian Burlesque Festival and needless to say I am excited to take part! Whoop! Cant wait. Better yet the show is sold out. BIG excitement!!!

Right best go as I have tea to source.

Will try to post again soon xxx

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