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Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins Filming To Begin!

Alan delivers his final sermon of the night to the masses. hee hee if Jesus was cool he'd be Alan

Well it was made official aka public knowledge last night at the Dodgem Logic reading/panel/sermon of all things Moore and Nothampton that the Mitch Jenkins/Alan Moore film colloboration will start filming August…and yes you guessed it I am on the cast! I am well I cant divulge too much as its both rude and disrespectful to all the hard work currently going on with it.

Needless to say I am super excited and cant wait to get down to some work.

Last night’s event saw me kissing both Alan and Mel as well as drinking with some drummer from some animated primate band as well as debauched friends…and generally getting up to mischief. Loved it.

Thanks to all the people who came…and to the team for putting the event together. Watch this space and my twitter for more news.

too-cool-for-preaching favourite Hagrid lookalike. x

Giggles and smut hit the panel. Love Mel's smile. <3

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