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Dubbed ‘Queen of Burlesque’ by numerous publications and voted regularly into the Top Stars of Burlesque in World (2009, 2010 , 2011 and 2012 consecutively) and then also Top UK Performer of 2013 and 2014, Khandie Khisses is the unstoppable tornado whose talents far exceed that of her burlesque skills. She is already an international published photographer and model, but more recently completed her two major film roles. Quoted as being world famous Alan Moore’s burlesque performer of choice, Khandie Khisses is THE headliner of choice the world over. A true superstar in the making whose global reputation as a highly professional and talented artiste is building rapidly.

Previously serving in the Royal Air Force, Khandie’s ability to captivate audiences with her riotous and spectacular routines has drawn a following worldwide as her reputation continues to sky rocket. Appearances by invitation at the Australian Burlesque (and subsequent 12 day tour), Paris Burlesque and British Science Festivals, not to mention numerous show stopping, audience captivating performances cross the globe, have seen her step out from the ranks and cement her place in the limelight.

A confident speaker Khandie Khisses has been asked to speak about her profession and lifestyle by invitation for a variety of audiences such as the WI, BBC radio and East Side Radio in Australia. Her regular columns for various publications have been referenced and shared world wide. She also regularly contributes to 21st Century BurlesqueBleedingCool.com, as well as being the UK correspondent for Pinup America with regular guest spots on their live TV show.

Khandie challenges media stereotypes with her voluptuous figure and sparkling smile, making her an asset to any stage and the words on everybody’s lips.

Currently residing in Northampton but covers UK wide as well as overseas.

Khandie Khisses is both Equity registered and agency represented by Burlesque Baby.


Please note this list is not exhaustive.


Australian Burlesque Festival and tour (Canberra, Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney),  Cambridge University (alongside musician Example), British Science Festival (Birmingham), Paris Burlesque Festival, Decadence (Jersey), King’s Theatre (Portsmouth), Brooks Theatre (Chatham), Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (London), Madam JoJos (London), Mr Kyps for The Puppini Sisters (Poole), The Spyre (Bournemouth), Zandra Rhodes Fashion and Textiles Museum (London), Festival of Sins (Camden),Southwark Playhouse (London), Picturedrome (Northampton), Club 20 (Kensington), The Print Factory (Leeds), Fishmarket (Northampton), Miss Hilton Presents, RAF Coningsby, RAF Kinloss (Scotland), Workshop Theatre (Halifax), Peacock Lounge (Huddersfield), Va Va Voom (Edinburgh), 33 Portland Place (London), Brighton Ballroom. Fling Festival, EnDorseIt Festival.


London Field Festival, Nova Festival, Host of Armed Forces Day (Cardiff), British Science Festival, Festival of Sins,  Rock n Soul Festival, Fling Festival,  Southwark Playhouse, Vivid Soda, Nikita Sablier, Passion, Erotica, Lacing Lilith, Lady K Loves, Dodgem Logic Magazine and launch, Egg nightclub.


‘shortie’ for 612 Media, ‘shortie forJames Thorpe, The Hurts – Miracle music video, Alan Moore’s Jimmy’s End.  ‘His Heavy Heart’ and ‘Showpieces’.

Press/TV/Radio Appearances

The Guardian Newspaper, BBC 3 Counties Radio,  Bucks Herald, East Side Fm (Aus), SC4, Channel 4, Bizarre magazine, BBC3 (Documentary for ‘Naked’),Kerrang Radio (radio fox pops), Canberra (Aus) Times, Biscuit magazine (Australia), Jersey Weekly, 21st Century Burlesque Online (columnist), Scarlet magazine, Pinup America (regular guest spots), Fixe Magazine, Black Flag, SLiNK magazine.


Bucks Herald, Dalston Darlings WI, East Side FM, Hidden Heart Academy, Stony Stratford WI.

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